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No doubt this is a tough forecast that is getting even tougher. For areas in South Central & Southeast Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland we are going to see some snow. We are going to be dealing with a storm that will be developing off the Delaware coast and it will be intensifying rapidly Saturday evening. The NAM model shows this quite well late this afternoon.

If the NAM model is correct it would put a good chunk of our area in a band of moderate to heavy snow for at least a few hours. However caution is advised here. Weather systems this winter have generally underperformed so we will remain conservative. My forecast basically puts the area in a 2 to 5 inch snow zone. I want to wait for confirmation overnight and Friday before going any higher. I would also like to see other models go in this direction as well.

This is my forecast for now based on what I have been seeing. National Weather Service snow forecast maps from Virginia to New England are up and they have been updated. Some areas have seen their estimates raised given the model dynamics. You can see these maps by going to METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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