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Noreeaster Looms for Northern Mid Atlantic & Northeast. Wind Rain Coastal Flooding and Snow???

Weather models continue to point to the increasing probability of a noreaster impacting the Northern Middle Atlantic to Southern New England with all sorts of weather impacts. Coastal flooding is front and center with the full moon Thursday. Wind and rain will be in there. Now we see some weather models hinting that some snow could come into the mix for some areas from Northeastern Pennsylvania to Southern New England with elevation playing a part in all this. For South Central & Southeastern Pennsylvania rain will be the primary precipitation type but here too we need to watch weather models cautiously over the next 2 days given the strong upper air dynamics that will be making some cold air overhead.

European Model Opens Door Lets Snow Enter The Equation

Let us be up front about this. The European model has not done well this winter overall which means we need to look at this with the utmost skepticism and caution. However the European model does show how this could become a wet snow event for inland higher elevation areas and even a cheap thrill for coastal areas regarding the East Coast storm that is going to develop late Thursday and lasting into early Saturday. The map above shows the European cutting off the upper low at 500 mb (18,000 ft). If this happens and it is a big if...then yes you probably will see a change over to snow as cold air collapses with the strong upper air dynamics. This process begins Friday morning as the temperatures at 5000 feet begin to drop to below freezing....READ MORE AT METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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