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Odds Grow For Less Snow Saturday Morning

Given that the last few weeks have been difficult to say the least, the last thing we need now is another accumulating snowfall. While it is not completely off the table, it appears at the moment at least that the threat for anything sizable has diminished.Weather models began backing off overnight with the Saturday system coming up from the south and that trend continues today. One of the big changes is how the models are handling the jet stream in Northeastern Canada which is much stronger then earlier shown. The strengthening jet stream basically acts like a huge weight pushing its force southward. This keeps the system in the south suppressed and jetting pushed out further south. It is being pushed so far south on some models that we may not see very much if anything at all out of this.

Some of the short term models like the NAM shifted south overnight and inched back a little further north late this morning. The map below shows the changes from yesterday and last night. Others shifted so far south that the northern edge of precipitation winds up south of Cape May New Jersey!..READ MORE AT METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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