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Enhanced Severe Weather Risk Late Saturday Plus Mother's Day Outlook

The weekend is here and it looks to be a rather turbulent. Look for a wide range of weather conditions depending on where you are especially on Saturday when a warm front will like just to the south of NYC & Long Island. This is going to probably create a 30 degree temperature differential from north to south which of course means probably some thunderstorms developing.

The Storm Prediction Center has raised the risk of severe weather to " enhanced" which we don't often see around here but with a frontal boundary nearby and temperatures in the 80s across Southern Pennsylvania & the Southern Half of New Jersey, somebody is going to get clobbered late in the afternoon and Saturday night. Some of these thunderstorms could produce strong gusty winds of 60 mph or more, heavy rains, and hail.

A tight temperature gradient develops with the 50s in the Hudson Valley to the 80s in South Central Pennsylvania to near 90 degrees in parts of Maryland. No doubt the atmosphere is going to have a big headache that has to be relieved. There will be a round of showers late tonight into Saturday morning though morning showers will likely be far more numerous in areas to the north like Northern New Jersey to Southern New England. Areas in the warm sector may see the bulk of the showers and thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening on Saturday.

Mothers Day offers a different weather day and you can read more on this at



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