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Long Range Outlook Show Hot Days Will Be Limited Thank An Active Jet Stream

Hurricane Chris Accelerates Northeast

Beryl Remnants Bahamas

The satellite loops are rather interesting today as they show hurricane Chris accelerating to the northeast while the remnants of Hurricane Beryl are now in the Bahamas with a rather persistent area of disorganized thunderstorm activity. Hurricane Chris will brush New Foundland as it transitions to a post tropical storm over the colder North Atlantic Waters. Meanwhile Beryl's remnants have made their way to the Bahamas and will be off the East Coast of the US for the next several days. We will be watching for signs of regeneration over the next several days.

Meanwhile it was a warm and somewhat sticky Wednesday but dry air is coming. Radars are quiet this afternoon and there shouldn't be anything of consequence although a shower could pop up this evening in one or two spots. If it does it won't last long. Tonight will be a nice pleasant night of clear skies with lows Thursday morning in the mid 50s inland to low and mid 60s along the coast and warmer urban areas. Thursday's highs will be into the 80s except 70s at the shore if you are headed there for some relaxation and the same will hold for Friday with sunshine both days and subdued humidity. The humidity starts to rise somewhat over the weekend and we can throw in the chance for a scattered thunderstorm inland both weekend days though it should be rain free for most people most of the time.

The next weather front will arrive late Tuesday so very warm humid conditions will carry us until then with highs by day in the upper 80s to lower 90s. A cooler dry air mass should follow for the middle of next week. Beryl's remnants will be off the Southeast Coast for the next few days and regeneration is possible as upper level winds relax. The flow would likely carry it to the northeast over the weekend.

Meanwhile the long range pattern suggests that hot days will be limited thanks to a rather unusually active jet stream pattern. JOESTRADAMUS has more on this at



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