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Flood Watch Severe Weather Risk Continue Through Friday Humidity High Until Further Notice

We continue to battle with downpours and thunderstorms on a daily basis. Some days are worse than others. Today we seem to be in line for a marginal risk for severe weather and once again a Flash Flood Watch is up for most of the state of Pennsylvania.and Maryland.

There really isn't too much new to report nor is there much change to the overall outlook here for the next 2 days. The tropical flow of air continues unabated. Waves of downpours and thunderstorms continue to come up from the south. Daytime heating adds more downpours and thunderstorms to the mix. The Storm Prediction Center has our area in a marginal risk for severe weather for today as well as for tomorrow.

Heavy rain is the biggest risk and the threshold for flooding is low because of all the heavy rain we have seen for the last two weeks. We are going to get a bit of a break from the rain but not from the humidity over the weekend and early next week. Meteorologist Joe Cioffi has more on this in his latest post.

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