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Flash Flood Watch Severe Weather Risk Continues Today, Rain Threat Diminishes Over The Weekend

It is another day in South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland where we sit with the risk for Flash Flooding and Severe Weather. A Flash Flood Watch continues today as well as a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms. The main risk of course continues to be rain and the threat for flooding. The Flash Flood Watch area has grown in size all week and now covers everyone from Western New England to the Southeast US.

Any thunderstorm or downpour is likley to trigger a flash flood warning or a flood warning. Rivers and streams remain very high so a thunderstorm with a couple of inches of rain and you have issues.

So far this morning at least we continue to see the same tropical flow of moisture and the beginnings of some downpours on the radar to the west. Look for downpours and thunderstorms to increase during the afternoon and evening. As usual with these things there will be some variability with some places getting a lot and some places getting less and some getting nothing at all. Temperatures today will be in the 80s. Humidity remains high and that part of the equation shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

There is a bit of a pattern change for this weekend as the upper flow changes in the east from south to west. This will lessen the threat for downpours and increase the sunshine. That will boost temperatures up to near 90 degrees at times over the weekend and into the first part of next week. You can read more about this at

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