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More Bad Hair Humidity Thunderstorms Friday Saturday. Cooler Cloudy Sunday

The Storm Prediction Center from the National Weather Service has raised the risk for severe weather Friday evening. We have a slow moving approaching cold front and another day ahead of us with hot temperatures and high humidity. The atmosphere looks to be very unstable Friday evening so bear this in mind if you have getaway travel plans for Friday. We should have no issues with thunderstorms through most of Friday and certainly no issues for the rest of Thursday and overnight.

Temperatures are hovering around the 90 degree mark with plenty of sunshine making for another good beach day for all. Humidity levels are high however and it is rather uncomfortable outside. Look for a warm humid night with most lows in the upper 60s to middle 70s. Nothing more than a few passing clouds are forecast. Some high clouds have been streaming southeastward over parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania as they blow off from thunderstorms in the Ohio Valley. Radars are quiet nearby and other than an odd pop up inland it should remain quiet.

There is risk for thunderstorms Saturday before we get into a cooler onshore flow for Sunday. For more on the weekend weather forecast and the outlook for early next week go to METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM

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