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Chilly Weather Wednesday Through Friday, Weekend Storm In Flux



We didn't expect much clarity in the storm system for the weekend today and we didn't get much clarity. At least models are consistent in remaining inconsistent in how all that evolves. We are sure of the weather until then which will feature a sub par warm up on Tuesday as a weak cold front comes through. Temperatures will make it into the 60s for the last time this week and possibly for the month. At least Tuesday's warm up comes with clouds and some sunshine and no showers are forecast as there isn't much moisture available for the front to play with.

If this were winter time no doubt that the snow and cold weather weenies would be excited about a cold high to the north and a Hudson Valley wind. This is usually the recipe for consistent cold that could set the table for snow if and when the next storm system approaches. This however is late October. The cold air for this time of year is indeed cold with temperatures forecast to be 10 to 15 degrees below average for the rest of the week. No rain is forecast through Friday. Dry weather and some sunshine is forecast but highs will only be in the lower 50s Wednesday and in the 40s to near 50 at best Sunday and Monday. Thursday and Friday morning will be cold and we may see the few remaining areas that have avoided lows of 32 or less finally capitulate.

Longer range we have a stom threat for the weekend which could bring a chilly rain and raw conditins to South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland but as always with these things there is a ton of uncertainty at this point. We have more on this with Meteorologist Joe Cioffi hand his latest post.

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