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Two Coastal Storms In the Week Ahead

This week we see 2 coastal storms that will have impact on weather conditions in South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland. The first comes late Monday and Monday night into early Tuesday and the second comes at the end of the week; probably Thursday into Friday morning.

One of the keys here will be the high to the northeast and whether it holds on or moves out to the East. The air to the north this time around is colder than what we have at the moment. It would seem this could be an ample snow producer for the interior Northeast later this week, and it could bring some mixed rain sleet & wet snow even down to some coastal areas. To make this a little interesting is the likelihood that a Tropical Storm will be just east of the Bahamas late this week, though that system will likely be absorbed by the developing low to the north. We will be looking closely at this weather situation for later this week over the next few days.

This storm could bring snow and ice to the interior Northeast especially in elevated areas as far south as West Virginia and Western Virginia. More on this from Meteorologist Joe Cioffi in his latest long range outlook.

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