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Rain Overnight, Warmer Sunday Colder Next Week, Long Range Look At Next Weekend & A Storm Threat

Rain Arriving Warmer Sunday Colder Next Week

We maanged to hold on the the dry air from New England to keep the rain out during the day but now the rains are moving northeastward. There is a lead area of rain that is moving toward us, then a gap, and then a larger area of rain that will be with us overnight into Sunday morning. This will likely produce a 3/4 inch to 1.25 inch rainfall for most here which should not be especially problematic.

Saturday afternoon's surface map shows the intensifying major winter storm in Northeast Kansas and the large circulation that is spread out east west from the Rockies to the Appalachians. A trailing warm and stationary front extends from the Mississippi river to the Carolinas. High pressure off the New England coast has wedged us in damp raw air and the question for Sunday is whether this raw air gets displaced as winds attempt to go west southwest later Sunday morning. Those who make it will see 60s Sunday afternoon. Those who don't ( Hudson Valley, Connecticut & Long Island ) will struggle into the 50s. There is a chance those areas will get into the warmer air later Sunday afternoon. The rains should be moving out from west to east Sunday morning and it should be all gone by noon at the latest for areas east of NYC.

Hopefully during Sunday afternoon we can dry it out enough to see some brightening of skies. We should clear out Sunday night and the week ahead looks dry overall. Mild air will still be hanging around for Monday with highs in the 50s but as the weak progresses a series of cold fronts will bring colder temperatures with the coldest air toward the end of the week. Look for highs in the 40s Tuesday and the rest of the week we will be in the upper 30s to at best the lower 40s for daytime highs. We could be just in the 30s by day by the time we reach next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend weather models are pointing to a storm threat of some sort in the Eastern US. Joestradamus has more about this in his long range outlook.

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