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Windy At Times, Very Cold Air & A Weekend Snow Possibility

We are looking ahead to the weekend where we could be dealing with some accumulating snows Saturday night into Sunday. There is much uncertainty still regarding this system and we will discuss this in detail in a moment. In the meantime we have a strong storm in Eastern Maine and a strong high in Northern Minnesota and that is creating a tight pressure gradient with gusty winds. Those gusty winds will continue into Thursday night and early Friday before easing somewhat. We also have a very busy lake effect snow machine working overtime in the Northeast. We are seeing snow streamers coming off the lakes and into Western & Central Pennsylvania. Some of those streamers are surviving as they move east. Temperatures are still above freezing which means no sticking issues however if you head west toward Altoona and Pittsburgh where temperatures are in the 20s, there we are seeing some accumulation.

As far as snowfall is concerned through Friday from the strong lake effect action several inches could accumulate in some areas. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a streamer of snow shower activity to come passing by overnight through Thursday night and whitening up the ground in spots.

Now as far as the weekend is concerned we have a southern system headed our way but there are a lot of issues regarding how far north this system gets as well as the cold dry air nearby. i discuss all of this and our early call in my latest JOESTRADAMUS snow post for the weekend.

#polarvortex #cold #snow

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