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Snow Chances Ahead Thursday Night & Sunday

The snow and storm system from Saturday night and Sunday is all done now and it has left behind a general 2 to 4 inch snowfall across Southern Pennsylvania. Amounts tailed off as you head northward toward Route 76 and very little fell in areas to the north of Route 76. Amounts were higher in Maryland with 4 to 6 inches in many areas. Washington DC to Eastern Maryland into Delaware were also big winners in the snow department with amounts up to a foot measured in Washington DC itself.

Now we move head to the next few days which look docile enough and no weather issues are forecast into Thursday other than a cold front coming though Wednesday. Then we set the table for the first of 2 storm systems. The first is Thursday night into Friday morning and then a system for the weekend which is a bit of a powerhouse but it is also still well away time wise. For more on these two systems and what we can expect you can read the latest on

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