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2 Snow Chances Weekend & Next Week

Snow Chances Next Week Uncertainty Continues

Before we get to the snow chances beginning Sunday night, lets look at the trip on the way there. Regional and local radars are loading up now as rain is coming in from the west. Yesterday's cold front is stalled out to the south and this is going to create raw damp conditions overnight and Thursday. The rain comes in from west to east this evening and then it rains until shortly before daybreak. Temperatures will hold in the lower 40s and they might drift down into the upper 30s in some areas. Everyone will be above freezing unless you go well north of Route 84.

The rain moves out and we are left with lots of clouds, an ocean wind, and temperatures in the 40s for Thursday. Light rain or drizzle is possible but a steady rain is not likely. The warm front will struggle through here Thursday night and then we are met by a cold front Friday morning with a few scattered showers.

Afterwards we dry out and we will likely see highs reach 60 on Friday with some developing sunshine before the colder air takes hold and we head down into the 20s for Saturday morning. Highs Saturday will be just in the 30s and then down to the teens and lower 20s for Sunday morning.


For more on the snow chances for next week you can either go to or download his weather app for android or iphone

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