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Sunshine Succeeds Today But Battles Lie Ahead

This time of year getting a warm front through can be a struggle but for South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland this afternoon we have succeeded and we have some sunshine. Temperatures are responding nicely. Temperatures ar reaching into the 70s and we have no weather issue to deal with for the rest of the day and into tonight.

Wednesday is another day in cloudy skies with spotty light rain or drizzle. Temperatures could make it into the low and mid 50s for highs. We are going to wait for another warm front to the south to pass by Wednesday night into Thursday morning when there could be a few showers as the front goes by.

Now comes the issue for Thursday. The warm front will get stuck again and the latest weather models are pinching that warm front a little further southwest from previous runs. East of that front its 40s and 50s with low clouds and the west 70s to near 80 with some sunshine. It makes for another tough forecast with a potential spread of 30 degrees from low to high over a handfull of miles. I threw in a chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the warm air late Thursday. Then it is back to onshore flow Thursday night into Friday as the front buckles back southward. With that the chance for showers or a thunderstorm late Friday into Friday night as the warm front goes by to the north and a cold front comes in from the west.

The weekend is not looking good at this point. You can read more about the long range at METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM just scroll down to the long range part of the post.

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