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Scattered Thunderstorms This Evening, Severe Weather Threat Thursday

This evening across South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland we are seeing clusters of thunderstorms showing up but not everyone is getting these storms. They seem to be clustered in some areas and scattered around in others. Such is the case tonight as this is the third of 4 waves of low pressure on a stalled frontal boundary. After sunset much of the thunderstorm and downpour activity should die down.

We are going to see clouds overnight with temperatures holding in the 60s. Then we set up for the 4th and final wave of low pressure this week and this is the strongest of the bunch. This low will finally get the stalled frontal boundary out of the way but at a cost. The risk of severe weather is there for Thursday.

Weather conditions improve on Friday and we should have a very nice weekend for the first weeknd of summer. You can check out more regarding Thursday's severe weather threat and the weather for the long range by going to

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